Recruiting is essential to the longevity of a team.


Almost every season at least one person on the team cannot continue playing for natural reasons.  Example, players have moved out of town, or got married or had children and needed time off.   If teams are not recruiting then the team would be short a player which leads to makeups and other inconveniences for both the team and the opponents.


Recruiting is key !


Ideas for Recruiting:

  • Go to the location on non-league nights, talk to people, play pool with them, get to know them, recruit them.
  • Go to other locations and meet people and recruit them to your home location.
  • Call your friends and inquire who likes playing pool.
  • Post on social media – ‘Does anyone enjoy playing pool?  We are looking for new players.
  • Review league websites – prior seasons – see who used to play, had to leave for different reasons, recruit them back to league…. maybe their live situation changed and they are available again.
  • Ask the location bartenders and servers to ask the people that attend other nights to join league.  Anyone who rents a rack of balls is a candidate as they enjoy playing pool !
  • Ask Location for another table – put a sign on the floor “free pool for tonight.”  Have someone playing on table that meets new people and recruits them into league.