The purpose of leagues is to provide an opportunity for competition while always maintaining a fun, social, and overall good experience.

The type of player which would be ideal is the player who is interested in competing and enjoying the journey of the season versus the player who is only focused on winning or focused on the money aspect of the league.

The RACE GRID league:

This is a handicapped league to assist lower players with the goal to have a handicapped race between two players that results in a 50% chance of either player winning (if they perform according to their skill abilities).  The goal is to have a league where players and teams are close in skill and the win/loss is determined by who played better any given day versus a distinct skill advantage winning out.


This league doesn’t have player handicaps.  Every player plays the same race.  It is a performance league.  Perform, or, know where you have to improve to perform better.  This league is intended for the higher level players.

This is a character league – you have to have a high character level to be able to lose a match, which will happen regularly in this league, and know how to lose with grace.  It is a league that will challenge you which will eventually make you a better player overall.