Annual:  $25 for National Registration

The dues are due at 1st match played.

Season 1 and 2 players owe $25 for annual dues, however if a player joins in season 3 the dues will only be $15 for the remainder of the year.

All annual dues renew Jan 1 – season 1.


Match Fees:

$12 per match played per player


Greens Fees (table time):

Fees will be added onto match fees.  Fees may be different per host location.


Free Practice:

Whether or not you are playing a match that night, the practice tables are available on a rotational basis throughout the evening.  Free practice is a benefit to all sanctioned league members (practice duration may be different at each host location).

Note:  Table rental is normally per hr so joining league is a cost saving advantage by paying flat fee for match and practice time.


Administration Charge:

For any team amount that isn’t paid in full (weekly playing fees and dues) then there will be a $15 administration charge for the collection process.

All money should be paid each week – captains are responsible for ensuring they recruit players with money and collect from them else the captain is responsible for paying for the match (they posted the player in the slot – they need to ensure they have the money FIRST else pay for it themselves).