Other Useful Information

Scoring Match Data:

Match data should be entered into the website each night of league play to allow for more timely reporting of stats.  If a match is not entered into the website the night of the match, a 5 point penalty will be applied.


Team Score:


Points are awarded per match.

  • A win is worth 10 points.
  • A loss, but on the hill, is awarded 5 points.
  • If a player is NOT shut out, they receive 1 point.

Bonus points:

  • A shut-out is 2 bonus points.
  • A break and run is 1 bonus point
  • A 8 or 9 on the break is 1 bonus point*
  • A 3 foul win is 1 bonus point


*Bonus Point 8 on break:

  • If a player makes the 8, and the cue ball doesn’t foul, then it is a bonus point. The breaker has the choice of spotting the 8 and shooting where the cue ball lies, or, re-breaking the rack.
  • If a player makes the 8, and the cue ball does foul, then there is no bonus point. The opponent of the breaker has the option to spot the 8 and shoot behind the line, or, re-break the rack.
  • Note – it is NOT a win or loss of game. It is 1 bonus point !


Scoresheet points:

1 point will be deducted for each of the below if not completely filled out.

·         Heading filled out with current date, week, and team matchups.
·         Player names with Skill level/race info
·         Circle whether playing 8 or 9 ball. This is extra important now that we are tracking the performances separately.
·         Both match score and match points need to be completely filled out and totaled at the bottom.
·         Both captains must sign
·         All monies must be paid.


Penalty Points:

  • Fill out for double plays or over the cap penalty.


Total team score is to add up the match, bonus, and penalty points for each team.




All races are 0-0 to 7.  Thus the NET team score is the sum of all the games won by their team-members.

Then add in penalty points and team performance bonus (collective skill differential) to arrive at Total Team Score.



Season Standings:

Sum the weekly team match scores, week by week, to arrive at a cumulative total, ranked by team performance.




There will be three (3) seasons per year approximately 15 weeks in length (may vary slightly).  A season champion will be declared at the conclusion of each season.




Payouts:                              a player must play half of the season’s matches.  In a 15 week season, at least 8 matches in a season and be active thru the end of the season.

Season Team playoffs:                  A player must play at least 5 matches during the regular season.

Individual Tourney:         A player must play at least half the season (8 for a 15 week season) and attend tournament.




A player may earn points via league and/or  Tournament play.

They receive points that accumulate to ‘total ACS Points.’

More information to be released soon.