Payouts are based on performance during season.  Each league may be different based on # of players and other factors.  Check with your league contact person for more details.

All team dues and match fees for the season should be paid in full else any monies owed will be reduced from the team payouts.  If a team owes more than the team payout, the shortage should be paid by the team captain else the monies will be removed from the overall player pool.

A player must be active throughout the season and until the end of the season in order to receive a payout.  Those that leave the team during a season negatively impact the team and thus they will not receive payouts.  The captain may keep the payout, for the player leaving the team, as a ‘captain reward’ for having to recruit a replacement player.

General expectation:

Team regular season payout

Individual regular season payout

Tournament payouts

Each league may be set up slightly similar or slightly different.  Ask your local league rep for details.  In short, ACS pays more than most leagues – ask anyone who has played multiple leagues.