Playoff Rules

Team Playoff Event

9 ball

All players play at the SAME TIME.
Thus captains need to ensure they have their players there early and ready to go by 7:30pm.

6 team league:
Seed #1 – has a BYE round 1
Seed #2 – has a BYE round 1

#3 vs #6 —- 7:30pm sharp
#4 vs #5 —– 7:30pm sharp
*Captains post ALL matchups by 7:20pm so matches start at 7:30pm.
*Every 5 minutes a player is late is a forfeit of 1 game. ie. 7:35pm
*Sudden death is at 8:45pm

Round 2 – starts at 9pm SHARP
#1 seed vs winner of #4/5
#2 seed vs winner of #3/6
*Captains post matches at 8:50pm
*Every 5 minutes a player is late is a forfeit of 1 game. Ie. 905pm
*Sudden death – last game of player match – is at 10:15pm.

Round 3 – championship – starts at 10:30pm SHARP
Winners of prior round face off for Tournament championship
*Captains post matches at 10:20pm
*Every 5 minutes a player is late is a forfeit of 1 game. ie 1035pm
*Sudden death – last game of player match – is at 11:45pm.

Captain, remind your players of the event and the start times.

Good luck and have fun !


SUDDEN DEATH Explanation:
Finish current game + 1 more game.  Compare score:

  • If both players are on the hill; one more game will be played – 2nd sudden death.
  • If only one player is on the hill; they win.
  • If no player is on the hill; then the player with the higher # of games won, wins the match with the games/score they achieved.  
  • The player who lost will receive the # of games/points normally awarded.

Team Match is won, lost, or tied based on total score of all players in a match.

Team Tiebreaker:
Captains post 3 players* – post 1 at a time
3 players play 1 game each – 2 out of 3 wins

*the players eligible for tiebreaker are the players who played the match (no bench substitutes) (thus a tiebreaker for those that played)


Additional Notes:

  • No timeouts allowed

Substitutions are allowed in a playoff match

  • A player on the team roster, who qualified for playoffs with at least 5 matches played in regular season, and who hasn’t played in that team round yet, may substitute in for a player.
  • A substitution must be between games played (ie. before next break).
  • Multiple substitutions per player match-up are allowed.  Thus in one player slot 7 people could play (1 per game).
  • All four starters can be removed.
  • If a player is removed from a match they cannot return into a playoff match during that round.


NOTE:  They may return in a tiebreaker matches (all players who participated in a playoff regular match are eligible for tiebreaker)

  • The match score continues to accumulate no matter which player is in the match. 
  • A player arriving late traditionally missed the round as the captain had to post a player in their place.  Now with substitutions, the late arriving player can be substituted in when they arrive.  
  • A player may be having a bad night and now the captain can switch them out with another teammate who can try to pick them up.
  • If a match is trending towards a blow-out overall, a captain can switch out players to get them into the match so at least they played.
Overall, more options for coaching, and, more participation.
In vegas at the national tournament we have substitutions.  This new rule implementation allows us to be similar in our playoff tournament.
Note:  this only applies to the PERFORMANCE LEAGUE (NOT RACE GRID LEAGUE) as the performance league doesn’t use handicaps and the race is the same for everyone.