Read SKILL RANGE requirements for rosters (Click here)


Roster changes need approval:

Beginning of each season rosters need to be submitted to league director for review and approval.

Any roster change after the season starts must also be approved by league manager or director.

Penalty: if a player is put into a match, without manager/director approval of the player joining the league, the team may receive a forfeit for that match (1-10 score for RACE GRID and 0-7 for PERFORMANCE).


Roster Notes:

Anyone playing every week, all year will fatigue and eventually take a season off.  No team lasts for years if they are playing the same small group most times.  Everyone needs balance in life; one shouldn’t only play pool !  Thus a team roster needs to have enough depth to ensure the captain has variety in posting options and plenty of people to choose from to ensure a full roster each night of play.

ACS recommends a balanced roster with a mix of player availabilities:  example 4-5 regular players, 3-4 part-time players, 2 occasional.  This way every team has depth and posting options, and, all players get breaks for rest.   This way the teams stay together for years.

Max size is 10