Team Chemistry

Team chemistry is the ‘it factor’ that can help a team achieve higher results.


Tips for Success:

Being positive, uplifting, and motivating can really help a teammate out.  Sometimes we miss a shot and get down on ourselves but a positive teammate can bring us back to form and finish strong.

Winning breads winning.  When one teammate lifts up another teammate and they help them win, then the next teammate feels taller going into the next match.  Winning breads winning.

The key to a good team is to be able to lose a match AND have enjoyed the night overall.  The match is competition, true, but the moment in life is ‘life’ and remember to enjoy the people around you.  Team chemistry strengthens when you lose a match and everyone enjoyed themselves.


Team Chemistry is an important ingredient to success.  A team that enjoys themselves, roots each other on, will have good chemistry and will help achieve higher results.